Dice Cafe is following the current situation regarding Covid-19 and we will follow any precautions and recommendations that government and other authorities are giving us. 🦠

Until now we have had business as usual.

From Monday, 16th of March and forward, we will do some slight changes:

  • we only keep open upon bookings
  • we only prepare food and sandwiches when pre-ordered

These are necessary for following reasons:

  • planning of staff
  • food waste will be less
  • that we can be in contact with customers in case our staff needs to stay home

We also want to remind you that everyone should maintain good hand hygiene and if you feel any symptoms of common flu or other signs of sickness, whether corona or not, that you stay out of public. Same goes for our staff.

Stay safe 💞

//Dice Café with staff,
Soili, Christina and Joseph

At DICE Café – Stockholm’s first board game café – our guests can choose from over 350 different games!

For 60 SEK per person (50 SEK for students!) you can play any number of games during one day.